Consignment Drop-offs

Due to the increase in demand for our services we are now strictly enforcing the quality of items that we auction. Thank you to all that have made this possible!

- We are further moving our focus away from "lots" of items to quality individual pieces. We are not talking super high end, but the item must be valued at $20 or more.

- We will still accept "lots" of like items, but they must already be boxed together and have a value of $30 or more.


Values are in terms of attainable auction values as we determine them.  

As our consignment business grows in popularity we are now focusing more on what we accept for consignments. We will not be excepting many "lots" of random items, instead we are looking for quality items that we can sell individually. We will still accept "lots" or "groupings" of like items for example.... Baseball cards, tools, electronics, etc.  

Keep in mind that auctions typically determine the true value of any given item as they encourage competition between buyers. Our average auction typically has 20,000+ views! 

Please click here for an example list of things we accept and what we don't accept





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