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Traditional estate sales and auctions don't reach their full potential. Why just reach local people? Being an online estate sale company we reach all the locals and more! Our virtual sales are much more efficient than those traditional methods. Fair prices are realized for items and in most cases 99% of everything sells! Leaving behind very little to no cleanup. Most importantly, we truly care about the well being of the people we contract with and the items we handle.  

Step 1:

Call Us


We will gather a few small details from you and setup a time to view the estate. All our consultations are always FREE.

Step 2:

Preparing Sale


Each item is carefully cataloged and photographed. Then, a detailed description is written and the item goes live. 

Step 3:

Auction Time


Bidders have 7 days to view and bid on your items with the most excitement happening on the final day of the sale.

Step 4:



After the sale has concluded and buyers have paid, you will receive a check for the auction within 20 days.

Online Estate Sale 

Being a full service online auction company we take care of all the hard work while getting the most money for your belongings. We charge just 30% (on average) of the final sale price, making us 10% less expensive than our largest competitor. At typical estate sales many items don't reach their full potential, we are here to change that. The average sale takes around 5 days to prepare and 7 days at auction. Within just 15 days the space is emptied.   

Each contract is individually negotiated depending on the volume and quality. 



"Specializing in Estates"