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Consignment Drop-offs


 We have newly adopted a sliding scale commission structure which means more money to you the better the quality of items you consign. The rates are as follows and are based on the price realized per lot or item.

$1-$19.99 = 50% Commission 

$20 - $99.99 = 23% Commission

$100- $499.99 = 18% Commission

$500- $3999.99= 15% Commission

$4,000+:     10% Commission

Each Item/Lot in the auction is also subject to a $1 fee. Example: 10 items = $10

The above rates are subject to negotiation for SOME collectibles such as... Coins, sports memorabilia/cards, comics, and other higher end valuables. Vehicles will also be sold for a discounted rate than above. Each contract is individually negotiated depending on the volume and quality.

What we offer

  • We are one of the few local auction companies that utilize nationwide software to give your items the most exposure on the market

  • We offer shipping on most collectibles, so top dollar is achieved on items in our auctions

  • Fair and competitive commission structure offering larger discounts for quality items

  • Large tri-state presence, our auctions average over 20,000 views per sale

  • Network of collectible experts, where we can find out critical information about items at any time


  •  Extreme care taken while handling and photographing your items

  • Top notch marketing for all our auctions ensuring we have plenty of bidders per sale

As our consignment business grows in popularity we are now focusing more on what we accept for consignments. We will not be excepting many "lots" of random items, instead we are looking for quality items that we can sell individually. We will still accept "lots" or "groupings" of like items for example.... Baseball cards, tools, electronics, etc.  

Keep in mind that auctions typically determine the true value of any given item as they encourage competition between buyers. Our average auction typically has 20,000+ views! This ensures that your items achieve their true market value. 

Please click here for an example list of things we accept and what we don't accept

Notice how other auction houses and estate sale companies don't list their rates to the public?

We offer full disclosure to all our customers right from the start! Our goal is to make the selling process simple yet highly successful. 


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