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We Buy Stuff!

We realize that the needs of our local clients vary, so we offer a couple solutions to best align with your needs. Auctions are a big part of what we do, but if you are looking for the fastest possible solution with even faster payment, selling outright to us is the next best option. We will happily discuss both options with you upon our free evaluation. We find that many of our clients need the home in question cleared of it's belongings to settle the real-estate as soon as possible. The process is simple: We will evaluate what you would like to sell and make you an offer! Super simple & Professional!

We Pay Cash For Vintage Things!.png

We purchase items from whole/ partial estates, collections, and individual items. We have purchased thousands of local items over the years with the understanding that the best deal is when both our client and ourselves are happy. Call (513) 325-9131 if you would like to discuss our services or set up an appointment.

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