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Using our online bidding platform we are capable of reaching more people than a traditional auction or estate sale. This will ultimately result in a larger buyer base for your sale which equals more money for your items. Online sales are also less intrusive than traditional sales. The only people who will show up on the property are those who won items in the sale. This keeps things less hectic and limits foot traffic which is always nice for everyone, even the neighbors!


Estate Sale Auction 

When an entire house needs emptied we are here for you

Weekly Consignments


We generally hold at least two auctions at our warehouse in Harrison, Ohio per month

We Buy Antiques & Collectibles Outright

We buy a variety of antiques & collectibles out of local estates.

Explore Our Options Below

Being a full service online auction company we take care of all the hard work while getting the most money for your belongings. We charge just 30% (on average) of the final sale price, making us 15% more efficient than our largest competitor. The average sale takes around 5 days to prepare and 7 days at auction. Within just 15 days the space is emptied.   

Each contract is individually negotiated depending on the volume and quality. 

Online Estate Sale


Come on out to our location at 6109 Kilby Road Harrison, Ohio to drop-off items to be sold in our consignment auction! Simply drop-off and we take it from there. Only select days are available for drop-offs, so check the top of the homepage for upcoming open drop-off days.

Sliding scale commission structure

$1-$9.99: 100% commission (No Payout) 

$10-$19.99: 28% commission 

$20-$49.99: 24% commission

$50-$99.99: 22% commission

$100-$499.99: 18% commission

$500+: 15% commission

Sell Outright

Have a large number of things you are wanting to sell with absolutely no hassle?  We offer cash on the spot for your things. This is another great option if you are downsizing or dealing with a loved one's estate. The property is also removed the same day in most cases!   

Each contract is individually negotiated depending on the volume and quality.