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Using our online bidding platform we are capable of reaching more people than a traditional auction or estate sale. This will ultimately result in a larger buyer base for your sale which equals more money for your items. Online sales are also less intrusive than traditional sales. The only people who will show up on the property are those who won items in the sale. This keeps things less hectic and limits foot traffic which is always nice for everyone, even the neighbors!


Estate Auction 

When the entire contents of a house needs sold, we offer a service that is quick & often profitable

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Pick-Up Service

Have items to sell and need them transported to our location? We can 

absolutely handle that for you.

Weekly Consignments


We generally hold at least two auctions at our warehouse in Harrison, Ohio per month

We Buy Outright

If you don't want to wait for your things to sell at auction, that's ok! We can offer to buy items outright!

Estate Move Management 

Coordinate movers and other industry professionals such as lawyers, contractors, realtors 


Handling an entire house full of items is overwhelming and as industry professionals, we can help!


Skip the auction process and utilize BTD Marketplace to sell your items without the hassle of a traditional marketplace

Explore Our Options Below

Estate Auctions

Being a full service online auction company we take care of all the hard work while getting the most money for your belongings. This includes things like organizing, cleaning, evaluating, marketing, etc. We charge just 33% (on average) of the final sale price, making us 25% more efficient than our largest competitor. The average sale takes around 5 days to prepare and 7 days at auction. Within just 15 days the space is typically emptied.   

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Consignment Auctions

Drop-off items to be sold in our consignment auction! Simply drop-off and we take it from there. Only select days are available for drop-offs, so check the top of the homepage for upcoming open drop-off days. Single items to a truck full welcome!

Sliding scale commission structure based on the price realized per group or item

$1-$19.99 = 50% Commission 

$20 - $99.99 = 23% Commission

$100- $499.99 = 18% Commission

$500- $3999.99= 15% Commission

$4,000+:     10% Commission

Each Item/Lot in the auction is also subject to a $1 fee. Example: 10 items = $10

Verified Pickup

We offer a pickup service that can accommodate an entire house full or just a handful of items. Our service area includes the majority of the Cincinnati Tri-State area (within 25 miles of our shop). You must send pictures to (513) 325-9131 to verify your items are eligible for our auctions. There is a pickup fee associated with this service based on the quantity and work involved. Please call us for a detailed quote.

Blue Camper Van


Have items that you would rather handle through a private sale but don't want the hassle of traditional marketplaces? We created a solution that gives you the power to sell your things with an enhanced experience. It's SIMPLE: Fill out our contact form below with the necessary information about your item and send us detailed photos. We will then create your listing and post it on our marketplace where verified buyers have the opportunity to discover your item. Click the button below to start the process!

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We Buy Outright

We are very passionate about saving items from the past and giving them new life. Many people opt to sell items outright to us to avoid the auction process. Selling outright is extremely easy! We come to you and offer you a price for the items you wish to sell, that's it! Upon us agreeing on price we load up our purchases and pay you right away. There is a wide variety of items we buy!

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