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Selling your things with us couldn't be more simple. Drop your things off at our warehouse and we take care of the rest! 

It is our duty to provide bidders with quality auctions that encourage them to bid with us again

Things we accept
These items are just examples and not a complete list
  • Baseball Cards

  • Gold/Silver Jewelry

  • Tools

  • Primitives

  • Electronics

  • Video Games

  • Board Games 

  • Vintage Toys

  • Advertising Items

  • Pocket Knives

  • Military Gear

  • Instruments

  • Pedal Cars

  • Paintings

  • Antique Books

  • Coins

  • Firearm Parts

  • Mini Bikes

  • Cast Iron Items

  • Door Stops

  • Decoys

  • License Plates

  • BB Guns

  • Vintage fans

  • Quilts

  • Costume Jewelry

  • Wood Advertising Boxes

  • Beer Signs

  • Crocks

  • Fishing Items


things we don't accept
These items are just examples and not a complete list
  • Yard Sale Quality Items

  • Broken Items

  • Glassware

  • China Sets

  • Out dated kitchen Items

  • Large Furniture such as sofas

  • Old TV's/Computers

  • Items in poor condition

  • Out dated equipment

  • Cleaning supplies


 We have newly adopted a sliding scale commission structure which means more money to you the better the quality of items you consign. The rates are as follows and are based on the price realized per lot or item.

$1-$9.99: 100% commission (Zero Percent to Seller) 

$10-$19.99: 30% commission (70% to Seller)

$20-$49.99: 24% commission(76% to Seller)

$50-$99.99: 22% commission (78% to Seller)

$100-$499.99: 18% commission (82% to Seller)

$500+: 15% commission (85% to Seller)

The above rates are subject to negotiation for SOME collectibles such as... Coins, sports memorabilia/cards, comics, and other higher end valuables. Vehicles will also be sold for a discounted rate than above. Each contract is individually negotiated depending on the volume and quality.

Our commission structure encourages quality consignments with less risk to sellers 

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