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Clearing the contents from a house

The thought of having to empty the contents of a house is exhausting all in itself. Many questions arise when someone is tasked with such a laborious job. The biggest question they usually ask themselves is " how do we go about this in an organized way". If you haven't done anything like this before it is nearly impossible to stay organized. What goes to garbage? What gets donated? What things can we sell? How will we sell? These are all viable questions that are in most cases handled best by a professional service. Hiring a professional can especially be helpful if their is a strong emotional interest in the job at hand. It pains me every time I hear that an individual has thrown away items prior to having a professional in to view the contents of an estate. That is the biggest issue we run into. There have been many valuables discarded for garbage that could have been saved if a professional had been into the estate first. Some items are obvious when it comes to value such as a sterling silver silverware set, but other things are not. An old baseball card made of simple cardboard could be worth tens of thousands of dollars, but would never know it. A professional can make the process much easier than doing it on your own. If you ever are faced with the task of handling an estate stop what you are doing and collect your thoughts. Having an organized team come in and handle the property is the smart choice to make and can save you a lot of time. It is not unusual for us to get calls by people who have been clearing a place out for MONTHS. Where our team could have had it cleared out within a few weeks.

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