• Justin Knott

Why selling an estate through online auction is your best decision

In the new age of technology it has made life more efficient in many ways. Many large purchases like buying a car or house is now done almost entirely on the internet. Selling the contents of an estate is no exception. We are able to more efficiently liquidate an estate while providing a better overall experience for those involved. How is this done? Think of it like this... Traditional estate sales can take weeks to properly prepare and are very invasive on the property. These sales also only attract a limited number of people that are in the immediate area of the sale. This causes poorer sales and because of this much of the belongings in the sale are left behind to deal with. Utilizing our methods of selling an estate we are able to address all of these issues commonly found with traditional estate sale companies. The average time it takes us to prepare an online auction is around a week. This includes cataloging each item, cleaning items as needed, photographing each item, marketing the sale, and ultimately posting the sale for local buyers to bid on. Each of our online auctions attract 20,000 potential buyers! This is compared to the 200 people a traditional estate sale would attract. You can see the obvious benefits to hiring a professional online auction company to assist

with selling the contents of a home.






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